Finance is a sensitive topic for any person or business. Proper financial management is critical to a person’s quality of life and the survival of a business. Financial management is also a risk-laden undertaking. This website covers all matters of financial management, risk management and training on all these finance matters.

Financial Risk Management

Risk is an ever-present factor in financial management and business. In this section of the website, read the types of risk that a business faces, such as demand and liquidity. Additionally, risk mitigation strategies such as taking insurance cover are well covered on this website. You will also find out the benefits that accrue by proper management of risks.

Financial Management

Financial management is a broad area of study covering topics such as the source of finances, saving and investment. This section of the website includes the sources of funds that a startup can seek to grow its business, such as venture capital and angel financing. The section also delves into personal finance with topics on effective financial management practices and the mistakes that people make in business management.

Training and Case Studies

Financial training is an essential aspect of money and risk management. In this section of the website, find the factors you need to consider before undertaking financial management training. Some issues you will read about include the competence of the trainers and study hours. Additionally, case studies have become an important financial management methodology in business schools and consultancy services. Read why this has proven a practical training approach.